Pokémon Go

Guess no one’s missed the hype about this game, right? Well, here in Mariestad, where I live, we’re playing it, too. It’s actually quite funny – Boud, Niwy and I used to play this game, Ingress, which is pretty similar to Pokémon Go, and during the years we played I didn’t meet a single other Ingress player in town. I knew some people were playing, since portals got taken and all that, but we never met. With Pokémon Go, however, I’ve already met tons of people, and it’s so much fun to see just how many people that are out playing it.

So today, my sister (Niwy) her boyfriend (Boud) and I decided to have a Pokémon Go picnic. Meaning we sat down in the park with some nice treats and our phones and played – and there were so many other people there!

And of course, before anyone say anything, there are tons of other places with A LOT of more people than what we had here, but this is a small town in Sweden where you never see anyone in the park ever. The only ones that used to hang there were the town’s alcoholics, and now there are suddenly people everywhere! Kids, teenagers, adults! All of them! They’re there, and they’re hanging out together. Playing a game but also socialising, and trust me, here in Sweden, talking to strangers is not a thing, but this game has really brought us together.

People might complain a lot, and yes some of those playing are idiots, but in general this is really something special. People who are never out normally are now hanging in the park for hours, something our parents have failed with for years 😉 all thanks to a game!