Suicide Squad

*Contains Spoilers* 
(but no major ones) 


I’ve never been much for superhero movies, not even a little bit. My sister’s tried to make me watch different ones so many times and I’m just never interested. However, when we were at the cinema watching Now You See Me 2 a while ago we saw the trailer for this one, and I was like… A movie about villains? Now we’re talking!

I must admit, though. The movie itself didn’t really impress me at all. The story line was pretty boring in my opinion. It was the same old as always, good guys wasn’t as good as you might think, bad guys wasn’t just bad, totally “unexpected” twists (which everyone could figure out from the very beginning) and way too much action and effects to distract you from the fact that the plot was boring.

So. I’m gonna focus on the characters I liked instead, because they were what made the movie worth watching, even if I didn’t like the story itself.

Let’s now keep in mind that I’ve never read any comic books or watched any superhero movies or anything at all. I’m not a fan, never been and will probably never be. I will probably be way wrong about most of them and you can yell all you want about me not understanding them or knowing about their original traits or whatever – this is what I picked up in this one movie and that’s what I’m gonna write about.

Harley Quinn


I’m gonna be honest and tell you that it was thanks to Harley I wanted to watch the movie to begin with. I saw her in the trailer, thought she was amazingly wicked, and decided I wanted to see this one.


I wasn’t disappointed. Actually, I was surprised her characters was more than just completely crazy, but also caring, in her own way, and obviously in love with the Joker. I’ve actually never known this, like I said, I’ve never been interested in any of this, so I was surprised to know she was actually in love with that guy. I mean, it’s not a healthy love, obviously, but still. She’s completely brainwashed but the moment when she was crying in the rain because she had lost her puddin’ it really got to me, and the things she would do for him… insane. But it makes her a much more interesting character, and Margot Robbie did the role so great.


She was crazy, weird as fuck and funny as hell. She made the whole room laugh several times, and since some moments were pretty damn intense, those moments were needed. So yes, I can clearly see why so many love her in this movie. (and maybe other movies, too, what do I know?)




The Joker


Okay I’m actually not writing about this one because I liked him, but because I can’t for the life of me understand what the hype is about. Is it because it’s Jared Leto who’s playing him or what? Well, in my opinion, he wasn’t that good. I mean, I like the character himself, I’ve read some about him and he seems tricky and interesting as hell, but in this movie? I mean, I get he wasn’t supposed to have some major role or anything, but I can’t say I’m very impressed at all.

Sorry to all the Leto lovers I know I have following me (on twitter that is, no idea if they will ever read this) but I don’t think he was as amazing as everyone says. I don’t understand what you’re all so excited about, at all.

Floyd Lawton/Deadshot


I must say I’m embarrassed over how long time it took me to see that this was Will Smith, but when I did… well, as always, I think he’s an amazing actor and I think he did this role perfectly. Also, this character was a lot more interesting than I thought. I love that he’s got such a big weakness and that it’s the only thing that can be used against him. I like that, it shows that even the bad guy are humans, and that was probably the first hing I reacted on in this movie that I really, really liked.

The guy’s got a weakness. He’s human. He might be one of the bad guys, but he’s a human being and no matter what, he’s got feelings.



Chato Santana/El Diablo


Now here’s something I didn’t expect. A villain who didn’t want to evil anymore. Well, not that it’s completely new, but I didn’t expect it in this movie. That’s something I really, really liked about this character. He had a background story, and he had a reason not to want to use his… powers? can you call it that? Anymore. I truly enjoyed that.


He was also this dark and creepy one who you never really understood until he explained it. He wanted to die in peace and do no more harm, but why? I was so curious to get to know more about him, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind watching more about him only. Maybe I’ll sit down and do some research one day. I’m not particularly interested in the universe itself, but there are some characters I wouldn’t mind knowing more about.



Rick Flag


I don’t know if I’m a bit biased because the guy is half Swedish, but I really think the actor did this role so, so great.  He was my clear favourite and when I first saw him, I whispered to my sister, “I hope he’ll be in this a lot,” and thank god, he was. I was so fascinated by him, and the choices he made in the end… Ugh, I really, really liked him. A lot.


There simply was something with the way he talked to people, how he made them listen to him even when they didn’t really want to themselves. He was an obvious leader, and not only because he actually was the one to make the calls, but in the way he spoke and knew what decisions to make, it was clear that he was made to lead others. In one way or another.


The other characters of the movie… well, I didn’t hate them, but they didn’t really impress me either. Sure Captain Boomerang had his moments, I laughed at how he was always drinking from his cans and Killer Croc had a few funny comments, but they didn’t really capture my interest much. They made a great squad, obviously, but that’s pretty much it.



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So. In general. The movie wasn’t amazing, but it was easily worth watching. It didn’t take my breath away and I’m not dying to see it again, but I’m probably gonna watch it again someday in a year or so, just for the characters sake, and I didn’t feel like I had wasted my money when I stepped out of the cinema. I also sort of hope that the ending means there will be more because I do want to see more of them all, but I’m not sure I’ll go to the movies for it. Unless someone *cough* my sister *cough* will pay for it, then I’ll go with her, of course 😉

So yes. If you’re interested in watching it, I think you should. If you’re not really super excited over it… well, I’d wait for the DVD.


Now You See Me 2

I was supposed to start using my blog, right? But that didn’t really happen. Until today, because now I actually have something I want to write about.

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Now You See Me 2 is a movie I’ve been excited about since the moment I watched through all the names and whatever of the first movie and saw that there was another scene, one I hadn’t seen before, that sort of hinted that maybe there will be more. I waited, and waited, and waited, and eventually the second movie was confirmed, and I was in heaven. Waiting for it has been a pain, but last week I finally got to see it, and oh my god, I was so not disappointed.

The trailer was amazing enough, but the movie. Damn, it was so amazing.

I was first a bit negative towards the new character, Lula. I absolutely loved Henley and I wasn’t at all happy to see her replaced, but I figured that the rest of the characters would probably make it up for how much I’d miss her, so whatever, I would just have to deal with it.

And then I watched it, and changed my mind.

Lula is amazing. She is that… happy little wave of fresh air that you need in those serious situations where you don’t really know what to do. She was so… easygoing, charming, positive and absolutely perfect for the group. I still miss Henley, she was an amazing character, but Lula was just as good, and for the third movie (which they better make) I would really like to see both Lula and Henley being a part of the group. Now I know that will most likely not happen, but a girl can dream.

giphy (2)

I’ve noticed that a lot of people didn’t like the sequel. Quite a few fans have said it’s the sequel that should never have been made, but I don’t agree. In my opinion, it was just as good as the first one. There were mystery and magic tricks you were dying to figure out how they worked, the characters were just as witty as they’ve always been, just that this time, they worked a lot more together in a way that felt a lot more special than in the first one. You could see that they had developed more feelings for each other during the year they had stayed hidden, and their relationship was now in a way that made them not just friends, but a true family.


It was also a lot of fun to see Daniel Radcliffe being the bad guy in this one. I thought it would be difficult to see him as anything but Harry Potter, but he did it so good, I didn’t even see Potter in him for more than a few minutes. He’s such a talented actor, and I couldn’t help grinning like a fool when he finally made an appearance.




The whole movie had me blown away, to be honest. I didn’t think they could ever do as good as they did with the first one, but they did. My heart was beating like crazy through most of it, and in the end… hell, the ending. That was just… so damn brilliant. SO BRILLIANT! My heart had still not calmed down when we were back in the car twenty minutes later. So damn good.

So if you’re planning on seeing and it and want my opinion. Do it. Seriously do it. And if you love it, let me know so I can go nuts with you!

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