Bill Kaulitz – Then and Now


It’s amazing how time flies, it’s hard to believe our German men once were kids with hopes and dreams to one day stand on stage in front of thousands of people. They worked so hard and they’ve gotten so far, and even though I’ll forever miss the old era I’m still so proud of them for never giving up. They’ve received so much hate and yet they never gave up, and even now, after an over four years break they have the strongest and most amazing fandom, because Aliens never give up. During these years when we got no music, no concerts, barely anything at all, we kept winning them awards and we rocked every voting we ever got nominated to. I’d like to see other fandoms do the same without music for years, I bet they couldn’t.

Aliens are special, just like the band we love, and we will always stand strong, no matter what happens in the future.